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The newsletter contains:
New main experiment “The Voice of the Audience” (trainee and participants for experimental choir wanted!)
Since last time (Knowledge sharing Aesthetics of Death, anniversary)
New face – our new student employee Conny.
Membership trials in the coming month
Residency “Lampedusa” and Theatre Tugt
Platform d. 9 December
Nadine George workshop in 2017
Special for members (Christmas lunch and news about yoga)
The Voice of the Audience

The experimental station is about to launch another main experiment, entitled “The Voice of the Audience”. We are super excited to unveil what this project is all about.

The Voice of the audience is an experimental project focusing on the lyrical identity of the audience in theatre, inspired by Vsevolod Meyerhold’s sound studies of the audience and developed by professional theatre practitioners and musicians in collaboration with 50 residents of the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen.
Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff

The project is part of a larger European artistic and social project in 20 European cities entitled “Caravan Next. Feed the Future. Art Moving Cities” with Odin theatre from Holstebro as initiator and overall director. It’s about all of us creating encounters between very different groups of people living in the local area through artistic activities and these activities giving us a sense of community, cohesion and identity.

The rehearsal will start in February 2017 and the concert will take place on 1-4 June 2017 during CPH STAGE.

We are looking for interns and volunteers

We would like to gather good forces to get this project off to a good start and would like to find a skilled intern, and also volunteers to participate in lifting various tasks related to the project. If you know someone or would be interested in being part of the team in some way, please contact Øyvind Kirchhoff and find out more. See also the announcement on

We are looking for participants for concert choir

Would you like to be part of a completely different choir, where you don’t have to sing beautifully, but help create a musical landscape of audience sounds and actions such as coughing, snoring, laughing, sighing, shushing, rattling a candy bag, being still, standing up and walking, in a 50-person subtle choral work? It will be composed by the internationally renowned composer Peter Bruun in collaboration with the choir participants and conducted by a professional conductor.

The choral work will be performed during Copenhagen’s international theatre festival CPH STAGE from 1 – 4 June 2017 and rehearsals will start at the end of February 2017 at Forsøgsstationen.

Members who are interested in participating in this project can become part of the concert choir. More information about tests and other practical details will be posted on the website. Here are links to posters that can be downloaded and shared out in the real world, if you know any Vesterbro’ers who might be interested. No previous singing or stage experience is required. Just want to be part of a fun artistic and social project and live in Vesterbro…

Since last

Knowledge sharing Aesthetics of death

On Saturday 8 October, the Experimental Station held a knowledge-sharing event in connection with the main experiment, The Aesthetics of Death, led by Øyvind Kirchhoff. Here a group of seasoned performers, puppeteers and puppet makers shared what they had been growing up through seminars the week leading up to. The group consisted of Anette Asp Christensen, Rolf Søborg Hansen, Svend E. Kristensen, Bjarne Kalhøj, Mireia Serra, Angelina Watson, Lotte Faarup, Malte Claudio Lind, Jens Bäckvall, and the artistic directors of Forsøgsstation: Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff.

Here are the first pictures of the process, captured by Poul Storm. For those who were unable to attend, there is a video recording of the day on our youtube channel, and Øyvind is busy writing the trial report.
Anniversary reception

There was a reception on Friday 4 November in the old cinema, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Narrative Theatre. It was a nice afternoon with lots of stories – both the true ones and the ones that didn’t happen in reality… There were international contributions, including by Nick Hennessy, who has been artist-in-residence at The Narrative Theatre in the week leading up to the celebrations.

The art of storytelling was celebrated, as were Jesper and the Storytelling Theatre with gifts, speeches and theatre.

New face at the Experimental Station

Student employee hired

We have a student employee for the administration, in connection with Pil Rix Rossel’s leave (details have been sent to members by email). Our new employee is Conny Rod and she is studying at the Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA) – Bachelor in Design and Business. Conny is a trained tailor and has many years of experience from the private sector, so she is familiar with administration in various areas. She will be in the house on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She can be reached by phone at 38 79 38 28, or at the usual email address: She takes care of the creation of members, rental contracts and assists Rikke with the other tasks.

Membership trial in the coming month

It is always possible to read about ongoing or previous trials on the website, where you can also download trial reports and read the trial intention reports – the trial team’s presentation of the trial itself. Members can apply for time and sparring on trials – see how here. It’s not always possible to get views into the newsletter, so keep an eye on our facebook page and the website if you are particularly interested in experiencing the artistic research processes up close…

One of the recently completed experiments, “Race to Zero”, has resulted in a performance that will play at SORT/HVID in January 2017. Kristian Husted has turned the creative research into a performance with TWO-WOMEN-MACHINE.
Go see!

V Figurines, part 3

After meeting and visiting the artist Marit Benthe Norheim, choreographer and experimental leader Julie Schmidt Andreasen was inspired to create choreography that relates to Norheim’s work Life-boats, and more specifically the sculpture boat “My ship is loaded with longing” – the young on the way. The experiment V Figurines thus explores choreographic methods, in an attempt to create a common identity for a female ensemble with different backgrounds, nationalities, etc. The project has already been on the floor twice before. First in Dansehallerne in November 2015 and then in April 2016 here in the old cinema. Report and other information on these sub-trials can be found here. Now the survey continues with a special focus on audience relations and involvement in December 2016. Read more about the trial here.
Embodied Immediacy – explorations of poetry in motion

The experiment is a first step into a working partnership between movement and experience mediator Rikke Jeppesen Rod (DK) and dancer-poet Catherine Magill (AUS) – their project has emerged from a shared curiosity about the synergy that arises when dance and words are simultaneous and listening to each other’s stories. Can particular approaches to Spoken Dance uncover new ways of resolving bodily and unspeakable experience, history, identity? The experiment will explore different approaches to poetry/text and improvisation-based dance/performance and represents a start to establishing working communities across continents via ‘low tech’ formats. Read more about the trial here.



The research station has donated a long-term recidency to Andreas Dawe, where the first part of the rehearsals for the play “Lampedusa” will be held. This residency is the starting point for the production at Husets Teater on. 12 – 26 January 2017. Director: Andreas Dawe, Actors: Rosa Sand Michelsen and Jesper Hyldegaard. For more information click here.

When some 360 refugees (the exact number is unknown) drowned in the Mediterranean on 3 October 2013, it became English playwright Anders Lustgarten’s impetus for writing the theatre show “Lampedusa”. The play consists of two monologues that interweave and give voice to two Europeans whose lives are affected by the encounter with the foreign. Through them, “Lampedusa” examines us here in the West. Who are we in our encounters with ourselves and with strangers? And who will we be? What kind of Europe do we want to be when people in need knock on our door?

TEATER TUGT – News on Betty

The people behind last year’s success ASYL 34 are on the warpath again with a new groundbreaking theatre concept. We think it’s a super exciting initiative and have given TEATER TUGT permission to work here at Forsøgsstationen on selected Sundays prior to their events.

“The News at the Betty” is “a new theatrical format that breaks the boundaries of news reporting and challenges the conventional notion of the theatrical medium. Twice a month, Teater Tugt invites you into the foyer of the Betty Nansen Theatre for an evening of breaking news, presented by established and emerging artists across aesthetic genres – in a way you’ve certainly never seen before. The evening features 2 works of 20 min. each, both created in only 48 hours and dealing with a maximum 14 days old news, chosen by the artist, from a predetermined news medium” (excerpt from the Teater TUGT website).

Platform on 9 December

The Experimental Station will host a Platform Event on Friday 9 December 2016 from 17.00-21.00. The event ends with a dinner.

Platform is an artistic exchange in word and display between experimental projects held at Forsøgsstationen the last six months, led by Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff from the artistic direction. Work is done both in small groups and in a larger plenary, focusing on the specific experiences of each trial and on common trends and interests. The platform is primarily for the trial participants involved, but other interested parties are also welcome, as long as they register at

Deadline for registration is Wednesday 30 November 2016.

Below you can see the trials the Platform includes this time:

Trials summer/autumn 2016 at the Experimental Station:

The main experiment this season will take the form of a knowledge-sharing seminar between 5 actors and 5 puppeteers, working with and examining the stage expressions of the actor and the puppeteer, and fusing the two into a new stage expression.

Sound Images is a study of aural storytelling on stage.
How can we – based on Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s novel universe – intensify the aural narrative forms on stage?

The aim of the work at the Experimental Station is to achieve greater clarity and precision in the wording of the book, so that it can be used freely by as many people as possible.

The hello!earth group launched this project in 2015 and had its first trial round at the Experimental Station in April 2016. The project now back at the Experiment Station with a final sharing of the sleep/dream research on 14 – 15 October 2016.

Cigar bums nose is the working title of an experimental project working with the musical paper theatre. The trial will last 4 weeks between 26 September and 4 November.

Kristian Husted has been working with the project “The Race to Zero” since 2014. The third experimental period at the Experimental Station starts on. 1 to 5 October 2016. Overall, the project is an attempt to acquire a stage language about the financial markets.

The starting point for the experiment V Figurines, led by choreographer Julie Schmidt Andreasen, is a desire to work with a women’s ensemble and explore what qualities it possesses. Part three of a study that began in 2015.

The experiment, which will take place in November, December 2016, will explore different approaches to poetry/text and improvisation-based dance/performance and represents a start to establishing working communities between continents via ‘low tech’ formats.

Workshop with Nadine George
Workshop with internationally renowned voice teacher Nadine George.

The workshop will take place on Monday. 3. – Saturday d. 8 April 2017 at the Experimental Station and is aimed at all performing artists, regardless of previous experience with this work.

A Masterclass will be held on the last day of the workshop, where a smaller audience can gain insight into the work. Nadine George will work with the workshop participants, showing how she works with text and voice. The pictures on the right are from last year’s workshop, where participants tried their hand at Shakespeare monologues. This year it will be Ibsen or Chekhov.

NB: There has been so much interest already that a waiting list has been created. Write to Rikke at mail: to get on the waiting list. The cost of the workshop is DKK 3,500 and there is only room for 12 people.
Photos: Øyvind Kirchhoff

Special for members:

The Research Station Christmas Party on 17 December!!!

We’re having a Christmas party this year on Saturday 17 December – and as usual, it’ll be a wonderful celebration of Christmas and all things good. There will be prizes, and songs and (maybe) homemade medast. Or jam. It’s kind of up to the party guests: everyone brings a dish like last year. Details coming soon!
Yoga update

YOGA is now running on Thursdays at 9-10:30 in Boulevarden. Stinne Bødker Høj, has adapted the training so that it will be predominantly Hatha yoga, and always according to the participants’ specific level and needs. Read more about her practice on her facebook page or on our website.

The weekly trainings are free for members and the schedule looks like this:
Monday 8-11: MHS training
Wednesday 9-11: Voice training*
Thursday 9-10:30: Hatha yoga
Friday 9-10:30: Mask work
*) Registration required by 21:00 the evening before by SMS to 20150949.

In addition, Rikke Liljenberg offers ShakespeareSundayLab on selected Sundays 10:30-13:00 – next date is 6 November 2016. Register at least the day before by email / 31 46 40 10. Read more here. This training is also free for members, but is also open to non-members for a participation fee of DKK 100 per session.

Renewal of membership

Although it is now too late to take advantage of the opening membership offer for the 16/17 season, it is still possible to become a member. And for members living outside Copenhagen, it costs only 300 DKK for a whole season.
For detailed information on registration and prices follow this link.

Become a member of Forsøgsstationen or renew your membership for the coming season by filling in this form and sending it to mail(at) If you have not been a member before, please include a short CV. Payment information will be sent to you after approval.