Herewith Newsletter October 2016 without photos.

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So it was October!
Photo: Rikke Jeppesen Rod – autumn in Enghaveparken

The season is in full swing and we have already had a number of members and theatre groups in the house. Did you know that theatres can become members? Some theatres choose to become members when they have been here as hirers for productions. Among others, Husets Teater has chosen to become a member this year. We would actually really like to have theatres as members. They can – on an equal footing with ‘ordinary’ members – initiate trials, attend training sessions, hold meetings, and book free study time for shorter periods. Read more about the possibilities here. And last but not least, you are guaranteed an invitation to the annual Christmas party! The date of this year’s party can be found at the bottom of the newsletter. You can also read that we will offer yoga as part of the weekly training for house members!

The newsletter contains:
Knowledge sharing of the main experiment on 8 Oct.
Since last time (New front page, Membership event, General Assembly)
Anniversary reception for the Narrative Theatre
Membership trials in the coming month
International recidency
Presentation of the Board
Nadine George workshop in 2017
Special for members (yoga, Christmas lunch)
Knowledge sharing “Aesthetics of Death”

This week a group of seasoned performers, puppeteers and puppet makers have been on the floor together. The group consists of Anette Asp Christensen, Rolf Søborg Hansen, Svend E. Kristensen, Bjarne Kalhøj, Mireia Serra, Angelina Watson, Lotte Faarup, Malte Claudio Lind, Jens Bäckvall, and the artistic directors of Forsøgsstation: Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff.

They have been working on the main experiment “The Aesthetics of Death” – an exploration that began last season under the title “The Actor and the Übermarionette”, led by Øyvind Kirchhoff. The group will open the ‘workshop’ for interested people this Saturday from 12-16. Read more in the invitation here.

Participation is free but registration is required at
Since last

General Assembly held
On 28 September, the Experimental Station held a board meeting followed by the annual general meeting. In addition to the current board, Morten Krogh, Rikke Jeppesen Rod and Catherine Poher attended the general assembly, where it was decided that in future, invitations to members will be sent directly, and not only via the newsletter, so that hopefully some more members can come and make their voice heard. The General Assembly re-elected Gerd Schottländer who was up for election this year, accepted the resignation of chairman Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen and Erling Larsen, and elected Morten Krogh and Catherine Poher to the Board for 2 and 1 year respectively.
Read the presentation of new members under point 6 of the newsletter.

Membership event

On Saturday 24 September we held the first members’ event of the season, where Jesper la Cour led a workshop in STORYPLAY. We were introduced to a model he uses in his artistic work. We worked on different exercises, such as sharing ‘ar-stories’. It degenerated into the wildest shots from the hip…

As well as being enriched by some wonderful and wild stories, and getting some good exercises, the second main objective of the day was also achieved. New relationships were forged and concrete agreements were reached between members. We enjoyed lunch together, and had a chat. As we cleaned up after lunch, we talked about how easy membership events can be. That members can take the initiative to, for example, a networking lunch. This could easily be organised via the Facebook group. Mikkel Trier has already offered to do the next…

New front page

We have – with the assistance of Mads Find – updated the look and functionality of the website. It has become easier to find the most important information directly from the front page. For example, you can click directly to booking a room without having to find it via the ‘roller blind’. More detailed information on current trials is also easily accessible.

20th Anniversary Reception
The Narrative Theatre
The Narrative Theatre has existed for 20 years and invites colleagues, collaborators, supporters and friends to a reception at Forsøgsstationen, Sdr. Boulevard 81, Friday d. 4 November from 16-18.
At 16.30 Jesper gives his jubilee speech
at 17.00 Nick Hennessey tells one of his famous stories (in English).

All members of the Experimental Station are welcome.

Membership trial in the coming month

It is always possible to read about ongoing or previous trials on the website, where you can also download trial reports and read the trial intention reports – the trial team’s presentation of the trial itself. Members can apply for time and sparring on trials – see how here. It’s not always possible to get views in the newsletter, so keep an eye on our facebook page and the website if you are particularly interested in experiencing the artistic research processes up close…

The night
– visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep.

The group hello!earth started this project in 2015 and had its first sleep trial at the Experimental Station in April 2016. The project now back at the Experiment Station with a final knowledge sharing of the sleep/dream research; on 14 – 15 October 2016. Participation includes overnight stay at the station. Read more about the project, which will culminate in a touring performance in 2018 to 2020, in this invitation. There are limited ‘places’ so be sure to sign up if you want to be part of this experiment.
Cigar Bums Nose
– A musical paper theatre experiment

WunderVerk v/Anette Asp Christensen leads this experimental project, which works with musical paper theatre. The trial will run for 4 weeks between 26 September and 4 November 2016. Read more about the trial here – and keep an eye on the website and facebook for announced views.
The performers are Birgitte Prins – performer, Daniel Norback – performer, Anette Asp Christensen – performer and puppet maker, Line Paulsen – director and Katrine Nilsen – set designer and puppet maker.

International residency

Collection (SE/CA/IS) at the Experimental Station
In connection with the international performance festival Works at Work: Group works, Samlingen (SE/CA/IS) will have a residency at Forsøgsstationen from 24 to 28 October 2016. Photo by Märta Thisner from their performance for and with the Cullberg Ballet at the Museum of Dance in Stockholm in 2013. Read more about them on our website.

It is a bit of a scoop that they are in the house, and therefore we have also enticed them to give an artist talk on Tuesday 25 October at 5-6 pm, where members and other interested can hear more about what this exciting group is working on. Sign up at to secure your place!

Presentation of the Board

New members of the Board as of 27 September 2016
On Tuesday 27 September, the Experimental Station held its Annual General Meeting. The Board had previously had its last meeting with the Board in office until then; Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen (Chairperson), Erling Larsen, Gerd Schottländer, Annelis Kuhlmann and Jesper La Cour Andersen (Member Representative). Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen and Erling Larsen, both of whom have been with the organisation since the beginning (2009), would like to make room for new forces. Their commitment has been of great value to the work of the Research Station, and they were given both dinner and a small token of appreciation at the event to thank them for their efforts over the years. Lotte served a small dish after the General Assembly to celebrate the old and the new.

We have been fortunate that director Catherine Poher and director of CPH STAGE, Morten Krogh have agreed to join the board. Both are well-known and recognised in the theatre world and will contribute to the continued development of our ambitions as an artistic (research) platform and to the realisation of our small and big dreams for the future.
Workshop with Nadine George
Workshop with internationally renowned voice teacher Nadine George.

The workshop will take place on Monday. 3. – Saturday d. 8 April 2017 at the Experimental Station and is aimed at all performing artists, regardless of previous experience with this work.

A Masterclass will be held on the last day of the workshop to give a smaller audience an insight into the work. Nadine George will work with the workshop participants, showing how she works with text and voice. The pictures on the right are from last year’s workshop, where participants tried their hand at Shakespeare monologues. This year it will be Ibsen or Chekhov.

NB: There has been so much interest already that a waiting list has been created. Write to Rikke at mail: to get on the waiting list. The cost of the workshop is DKK 3,500 and there is only room for 12 people.
Photos: Øyvind Kirchhoff

Special for members:

Research Station Christmas Party – the date is now official!

We’re having a Christmas party this year on Saturday 17 December – and as usual, it’ll be a wonderful celebration of Christmas and all things good. There will be prizes, and songs and (maybe) homemade medast. Or jam. It’s kind of up to the party guests: everyone brings a dish like last year. Details to follow as we get closer.
Yoga after the autumn holidays

Starting Thursday, October 27, YOGA will be on the wall every Thursday at 9-10:30 am in Boulevarden. It is Stinne Bødker Høj, who is in charge of a Thursday yoga practice. Stinne is trained in Jivamukti and Yin yoga. Thursday’s yoga will be predominantly Jivamukti yoga. Read more about her practice on her facebook page or on our website.

The weekly trainings are free for members and the schedule looks like this:
Monday 8-11: MHS training
Wednesday 9-11: Voice training*
Thursday 9-10:30: Jivamukti yoga
Friday 9-10:30: Mask work
*) Registration required by 21:00 the evening before by SMS to 20150949.

In addition, Rikke Liljenberg offers ShakespeareSundayLab on selected Sundays 10:30-13:00 – next date is 6 November 2016. Register at least the day before by email / 31 46 40 10. Read more here. This training is also free for members, but is also open to non-members for a participation fee of 100 DKK per session.
Renewal of membership

Although it is now too late to take advantage of the opening membership offer for the 16/17 season, it is still possible to become a member. And for members living outside Copenhagen, it costs only 300 DKK for a whole season.
For detailed information on registration and prices follow this link.

Become a member of Forsøgsstationen or renew your membership for the coming season by filling in this form and sending it to mail(at) If you have not been a member before, please include a short CV. Payment information will be sent to you after approval.