Feldenkrais training takes a break

Tuesday 5 April 2016 from 09.00-10.30 will be the last time in the current season that it will be possible to participate in the training in the Feldenkrais Method at the Experimental Station.
Training will resume in the autumn, starting on 1 September 2016. The Feldenkrais Method explores body, mind and consciousness. Through concrete movement sessions, participants get the opportunity to feel themselves from the inside.Teachers: Feldenkrais teacher Birgitte Hinz and actor and Feldenkrais teacher Katharina Kamber. Registration is not necessary.
As a member of the Experimental Station, you are free to attend classes.

Workshop with Robert Steijn and hello earth!
The night from the 12.-13. and on 13-14 April 2016 the group hello earth! will hold a participatory workshop, “The Night”, which includes an overnight stay at the Experiment Station.
The workshop aims to “explore dreaming and visioning in collective situations and liminal states of mind, including imagining a post-capitalist society in a sleeping state.”
The workshop lasts 12 hours. It is led by Robert Steijn (born 1958, Netherlands), a performer and choreographer.
“The Night” includes a series of workshops and meetings in 2016 in different locations and with several partners. It will culminate in a work premiering in 2017/18. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send five lines about why you are interested in participating to info(at)helloearth.cc
It costs 250 DKK to participate. Dates in April: 12/13 and 13./14. at 19.00 evening until 08.00 in the morning.
You can join either for 2 nights, or just the first. There is room for a total of 15 participants.

New blog post – what does it mean to experiment?
A new blog post was published on the Experimental Station website on 1 April 2016. It is the post “Experimental… what is it?”. It is written by actor and playwright, Andreas Dawe. That’s him in the photo. Here is an excerpt from the post:
“When I apply for funding from the Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for the Performing Arts (PSU), I can see myself getting excited. I think the guidelines say a lot about form and how much emphasis is put on projects being “experimental”. What does “experimental” really mean? And who defines what an experiment is?”
You can read the blog post here on the site under the menu item “blog”, where you also have the opportunity to participate in the debate.

Walking through Vesterbro hand in hand with a stranger
British artist Rosana Cade will be presenting a work entitled “Walking: Holding”, which is part of the upcoming “International Performance Art Festival” at Warehouse 9. Here she invites the audience on a city walk in Vesterbro. The city walk starts at the Experimental Station. Here the audience will be taken by the hand by a number of strangers from the local Vesterbro. All are different in age, gender, appearance and background, and all have their own individual stories to tell. It is a site-specific work that will challenge audiences to break down prejudices and allow them to literally walk in someone else’s shoes.

The work is playing on the following days and times:
Friday 22 April 2016 18.00-21.00
Saturday 23 April 2016 11.00-16.30
Sunday 24 April 2016 12.00-17.30
For more info and to order tickets, see here

Documentation of the seminar “The Playwright’s Workshop”
Here you can watch a live-streaming of the seminar “The Playwright’s Workshop”, which took place on Monday 14 March 2016 from 12.00-17.00 at the Experimental Station. You can use this link to the Experimental Station’s YouTube channel. The “Playwright’s Workshop” was organised by Forsøgsstationen and Dramafronten. It was supported by the Danish Dramatists’ Association.
Rikke Jeppesen Rod and Øyvind Kirchhoff have made the documentation. Unfortunately, the sound is not optimal all the time, as there was only one microphone at the recording. On review, we can hear that it has difficulty capturing what is not being amplified with a microphone – for example, questions from the audience or comments from the actors over in the corner. We are working to optimise the recording conditions in the future.

Voting workshop with Angelina Watson
On the occasion of CPH Stage 2016, Forsøgsstationen offers an intensive workshop in voice training. The workshop focuses on Shakespeare’s monologues, as this year is the 400th anniversary of his death. The workshop will be taught by actress Angelina Watson, who has been teaching a vocal method by Nadine George since 2003. Angelina is a regular teacher of the weekly voice training that the Experimental Station offers its members free of charge. She is an accredited trainer for Voice Studio International, under whose auspices she will assist Nadine George at an international workshop in London this summer. Assistant: Rikke Jeppesen Rod. The voice training workshop will take place on 6 – 10 June 2016 from 10.00 -15.00 for max. 8 participants. The last day of the workshop will consist of a presentation on voice training by Rikke Jeppesen Rod, as well as a Masterclass, where up to 20 people will have the opportunity to ‘watch’ as we work. The price for participation in the workshop is 2000 DKK.
For more information and registration write to: mail(at) forsoegsstationen.dk

New work on the way by the artistic directors of the Experimental Station
The artistic directors of Forsøgsstationen, Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff, have a new work on 2 – 4 June 2016 at the Festival of the Free Field. It is entitled “Escape” and has a duration of seven hours. It takes place at night.
The work is described as “a night walk with a lost soul”, and it is written and directed by Lotte Faarup, with Øyvind Kirchhoff playing a part. Read more about the performance here
The interest organisation Independent Performers (US) and the interest organisation Performers Without a Stage (SUS) are behind “The Free Field Festival”. The Festival of the Free Fields is taking place for the third time this year. The festival is part of the CPH Stage programme. The festival is dedicated to the free performing arts as a necessary counterculture to the experiences presented by the established performing arts institutions. The festival contributes to the visibility of a diverse performing arts environment in the programme of CPH Stage.

Upcoming seminar “The aesthetics of death”
A development project and knowledge sharing seminar, “The Aesthetics of Death”, will be held at the Experimental Station on 3-8 October 2016. The seminar is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for the Performing Arts.The seminar is based on Øyvind Kirchhoff’s main project for the current season, “The Actor and the Über-Marionette”. The seminar “Aesthetics of Death” examines and pushes the limits of the actor’s and puppet’s stage expression to explore the link between the biological and the artificial body, between representation of the dead and representation of the living. The aim of the seminar is to generate new knowledge, move into the unknown and for the participating artists to share thoughts and ideas with each other.

The following performers will take part:
Puppeteer Anette Asp Christensen
Performer Jens Bäckvall
Puppeteer Rolf Søborg Hansen
Actor Malte Claudio Lind
Puppeteer, performer Svend E. Kristensen
Performer Mireia Serra
Actress Angelina Watson
Performer/ Puppeteer Bjarne Kalhøj
Stage director/performer Lotte Faarup
Performer and experimental leader Øyvind Kirchhoff

There will be a screening during the seminar. Date and further information on the upcoming screening will follow.