The experiment“The actor and the über-marionette“, which has been running at the Experimental Station since 24 September 2015, is an investigation of the stage expression of the actor and the puppet theatre and the fusion of both into a new stage expression.

It is now possible to watch a video clip of the experimental work. The video is made by Poul Storm and Øyvind Kirchhoff.

The experiment is inspired by Gordon Craig’s (1872-1966) thoughts and ideas about the über-marionette, the ideal actor as a kind of puppet figure, the ultimate dramatic instrument. The one who can move based on what he wants and not just on what he can do.

The team works from Etienne Decroux’s mime technique and Jacques Copeau’s mask work and puppetry technique as a bid to realise Craig’s ideal image of the actor.

Research also includes Polish director Tandeusz Kantor’s work with puppets and actors on stage, where the lifeless puppets almost seem more alive than the actors, who are mute with mechanical movements and empty eyes.

For the puppeteer, it is about giving life and movement to the dead material and in the attempt the question is asked: What does it mean for the scenic expression to give “death” to the living body with flesh and blood?