Under the heading “What is artistic training?” the artistic direction of the Experimental Station is in full swing with the main experiment of the season, which is about the training of the performing artist.

Here is a quote from the statement of intent:

It is about the space where the performing artist defines his artistic identity and develops his ability to create through his own discipline, and by extension the space where the performing artist acquires technical and craft skills – in an artistic context, no less.”

The participants in the experiment are performing artists from the worlds of dance, text, performance and physical theatre.
The trial will last four weeks and will be presented in collaboration with several other relevant stakeholders during a seminar at the Experimental Station in early March 2015.

The experiment is the Experimental Station’s two-year study of training cultures, the performing artist as “whole performer” and a scenic language of forms consisting of both concrete and abstract expressions.

The Whole Performer

Photo from the workshop “What is artistic training?” by Øyvind Kirchhoff.

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