is a dance work initiated by Ella Östlund and Ottavia Catenacci, in collaboration with the sound designer Eliza Bozek.
YOUR HEART OUT is working with the concept of fandom. According to Cambridge dictionary Fandom is intended as ‘the state of being a fan of someone or something, especially a very enthusiastic one’.

The archetypes of The Fan and The Idol can be found everywhere from pop culture to politics, sports, career, religion, art, etc. The intimate process of being a fan seems to follow a script – we can assume that no matter what or who is being admired, the internal processes and complexities are similar. As well as considering the community aspect that fandom has in society, we investigate fandom as a relationship of dependency in the dichotomy of The Fan and The Idol. We take the chance to look into this reality and explore why people are fans, why people need an idol and what the shared emotional states between us all are when being a fan.


Ottavia Catenacci – dancer, choreographer and scenographer
Ella Östlund – dancer and choreographer