During the residency, we will explore how physical states and visuals can illustrate the inter-relation between inner and outer worlds. Oliver Sacks work in general and more specifically his book ‘Hallucinations’ inspires both the visual and the choreographic elements. In the process, we will investigate the contrasts between contact and sensing versus isolation and numbness.


This research will lead to a performance to be presented in spring 2017 as part of Freedom Prison in Horsens Statsfængsel, Aarhus 2017, European Cultural City in collaboration with Komediehuset.

Læs forsøgets intentionsbeskrivelse her


We met in 2015 during Arts and Globalization Conference in Copenhagen. Since then we have worked on collaborative ideas and currently working towards this live performance including film. We share a passion to integrate other art forms in our choreographic and cinematic work, and we have done so in past projects and different collaborations and residencies.

This project is supported by Institut Francais and Danish Arts Council.

Film: Tamara Erde
Choreography: Julie Schmidt Andreasen
Performers: Tamara Erde & Julie Schmidt Andreasen
Musician: Giulia Tagliavia

Research report available here.