A Research on Art and Earth Jurisprudence – for The Forests Trial

I am working on a 4 years research-performance, divided in 4 parts, one each year, investigating different forms of mining of nature and forests in the world, and the interconnection of these destructions at a local and global scale. During these years I am developing different fictional scenarios for world trials, through which we could (in fiction for now) stop the ecocide, by judging those responsible for it, and by proposing unconventional alternatives to mitigate the destruction of nature, while protect the forests, through real and imaginative solutions, using arts poetic gesture.
The 1st year was called “MEDIATING NATURE”, in Augusts 2023. A performance that shares practices of ‘sensing’ and asking ‘permission’ to nature before using it, by listening to its vibration. Now we are in the process of researching for part 2: THE FORESTS TRIAL, with premier in Oct. 2024, a stage trial inviting the audience to be judge, representing a long list of endangers species in the world.


Tor Lindstrand (kunstnere, arkitekt, seniorprofessor på Konstfack). Sara Gebran (koreograf, danser, forfatter, professor i koreografi). Institute for Interconnected Realities: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida Larsen (Koreograf, danser).