The Impro Jam is a space where the Copenhagen dance community can get together and improvise in a safe and open space with each other. Marco Payer is organizing and hosting the evening but he is not teaching, guiding or in charge of the content during the jams. Which content and how the jam is structured will be decided by the participants and will shape itself over time. It will be a space for community.
Friday           22.9. at 18.30-21
Wednesday   4.10. at 18-20.30
Thursday    19.10. at 18-20.30
Monday      30.10. at 18-20.30
Wednesday 15.11. at 18-20.30
Wednesday 29.11. at 18-20.30
Wednesday 13.12. at 18-20.30
Wednesday 20.12. at 18-20.30