is a research project and performance initiated by Beyond Darkness, the choreographic duo of Nadja Mattioli and Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen. During the “forsøg”, we are collaborating with dancers Cecilie Kjær, Anna Stamp and Camilla Schnack, sound artist Eliza Bozek, as well as invited dialogue partners such as Solveig Gade and Cath Borch Jensen.

In this research, we are putting care at the centre of the artistic process. How does a process change when everything – the planning, collaboration, creative process, audience experience – leads back to the question of care? What even is care, what does it mean for different people and in different situations, for an individual and for the collective?

With these overarching questions in mind, the 2 weeks at Forsøgsstationen focus deeper into the relationship between choreography and care. We will investigate what “caring choreographies” could look like; choreographies where the individual needs of the performers’ bodies and minds are the starting point of our investigation. Where elements such as emotions, physical injuries, menstrual cycles, meteorological seasons, parenthood, and more become the nucleus of the work. And how these translate into movement, dramaturgy and, eventually, a full length performance.

We also want to find out if and how this can transform into a caring artistic experience for an audience. We want to put into question who our typical audiences are, and how we can make space for often more neglected audience members like people with physical or mental disabilities as well as people of older generations. How does the artistic process transform when new (potential) audiences are included in the vision, even invited into the process? How can we reach other audiences and make our work more accessible without compromising on our artistic vision? And what even is a caring artistic or performative experience?





Nadja Mattioli (LU), director, researcher & co-artistic director of Beyond Darkness.
Nadja studied Creative Writing in London, did a BA in Theatre Arts in Athens (2018) and an MFA in Performing Arts at The Danish National School of Performing Arts (2021).

Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen (DK), choreographer & co-artistic director of Beyond Darkness.
Nanna holds a BA in Dance and Choreography from the ArteEZ Institute of Arts (2017) and an MFA in Performing Arts from The Danish National School of Performing Arts (2021).

Cecilie Kjær (DK), freelance dancer
Camilla Schnack (DK), freelance dancer
Anna Stamp (DK), freelance dancer
Eliza Bozek (PL), sound artist