Teach Each Other Mondays are a series of knowledge sharing events, organised by B&W Art and Support. For each Monday morning session, they invite one group or artist to share a short glimpse into their practice for one hour, and let all participants practically try out a way that they work. The artists come from all the different fields of performing arts, including performance art, theatre and dance. Potentially, the format is open to visual artists, cooks, teachers and nurses, among everybody else. B&W believe that everyone has knowledge, experiences and skills that are worth sharing, and TEOM is designed to provide the opportubity to do so.

After the one hour session, there is a chance to talk and find our more about the work of the visiting artist, and simply to socialise over coffee and croissants.


B&W Art and Support are Dorte and Jörn Burmester Wium. We create transdisciplinary performances and knowledge sharing events across the arts. We also offer production, management and dramaturgical services to theatre and dance festivals and companies.

Featured Artists
Season 2020/21
7.9.2020 Burmester & Wium, Dorte and Jörn Burmester Wium
5.10.2020 David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo
2.11.2020 Tove Vestmø
7.12.2020 Live Art Danmark, Ellen Friis and Henrik Vestergaard

26.4.2021 Sara Hamming
3.5.2021 Camilla Graff Junior
10.5.2021 Lotte Faarup
17.5.2021 Jesper LaCour
24.5.2021 Marlene Bonnesen
31.5.2021 Øyvind Kirchhoff

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