Open research by othernessproject
at Forsøgsstationen

The time: week 7birthbreathe

Feb. 15th Wednesday,
Feb. 17th Friday,
Feb. 18th Saturday
between 1:00 – 2:30 pm in Boulevarden

The question: What would you do if you could build the world again?

The research: We are researching an interactive installation-action.

During these open research dates we will put it all on a table, like a board-game, where we can try out all the rules, stages, and experiences we designed. From the beginning of a lifecycle – birth, first breath -, the game leads us through 4 basic stages of life, until the end: the re/birth, death, end of the lifecycle (or whatever you would like to call it). Acitons and action figures grow from the unicellular being into complex humans throughout the game.

The action: We present you the basic, simple rules of the game, we play with you a board-game as a trial, and we ask for your light-hearted and/or very thoughtprovoking presence and feedback.

The future: The installation-action as a whole will be premiered early summer, and we will keep you posted if you follow othernessproject and Forsøgsstationen on the facebook.

Please register at
See you soon: Rita Sebestyén, Minni Katina Mertens, Anne Mai Slot Vilmann.

Read more about the research project here in Danish.