23 & 24 May 2024 at Forsøgsstationen & IT University, Copenhagen

Convened by Britta Timm Knudsen & Miguel Sicart,


With the Support of The ‘Playing With Ghosts’ AUFF Nova Research Project, The Cultural Transformations Research Programme, IKK, Aarhus University The Centre for Digital Play, IT- University, Cph
In two previous seminars, we have explored the concepts of play and playfulness and the role they play in building worlds and alternative realities. In this seminar, we will add humor and treat play and humor as affective drives seriously. Acknowledging that humor is derivative and parasitical to serious and heavy situations, we will look at the role of humor and playfulness in decolonizing endeavors in a range of fields – arts, games, media – and technology practices, education, comedy genres. We claim that playfulness and humor open up a field of practice rather than being just another tool in the critical toolbox. Humor and playfulness inject ambiguity, opaqueness, and dissonance into the fields in which they operate. It also seems that humor and subject-formation belong together, as well as humor and playfulness are engaging with boundary-drawing processes and vectors of inclusion and exclusion. We ask the very simple question: what does humor and playfulness bring to the table in decolonial agendas?

The seminar is free and the deadline for registration is 21.5. 8:30 am