TRIALS 11/12

Week 32 and 33
Showing Godiva
An experiment led by Quim Bigas.


Week 37 and 38
“Causal Juggling Vol. 2″
Led by Samuel Gustavsson


Week 45 and 46
“A lamp and two dancers”
Led by Ellen Kilsgaard.
Read the report here


Week 48
“Antimusic vol. 2″
The experiment is led by Det Olske Orkester.
Read the trial report here


Week 49
An experiment led by Det Olske Orkester.


Week 50
“Object and human”
With Samuel Gustavsson, investigating and merging the parameters of dance and juggling. Organized by The Experimental Station and led by Samuel Gustavsson.
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Week 50
The ability to improvise, experimental project led by Petrea Søe and Teater Kriskat.


Week 12
“Children’s dreams”
The trial is led by Thorkild Lindebjerg.


Week 21
“Deep Diving”

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