The past few months have been dominated by headlines, news reports and debates about adoption. Kolonihistorisk Center association has invited three people with adoption backgrounds to shed light on the background and consequences: Frederikke Slotsager, who recently performed at Mino Ung’s Røst event at Glyptoteket; Kâlánguak Absalonsen, who has told her adoption story at Nordatlantens Brygge and in the book Lille; and Thomas Lerche, who is an activist/spokesperson in adoption circles and a member of Adoptionspolitisk Forum, Koreaklubben and Danish Korean Rights Group. All three have participated in the debate, both with personal experiences and raising the question of how a scandalous practice could take place. And the equally interesting question: What should happen from here?

The Colonial History Center Association wants to ask the questions:

Has several generations’ lack of knowledge of colonial history allowed a mentality and practice that appears neo-colonialist to develop in the field of adoption? Is it likely that a more broadly rooted understanding of colonial history can safeguard against further missteps in the future and promote more human equality?