In 1996, three actors and physical performers played together in Anne-Lise Gabold’s production of “The Bacchantes” by Euripides.

In August 2015, Angelina Watson, along with the other two actors, led the “Bacchanter XO” trial.
The experiment investigates whether years of work with the Suzuki Method and Nadine-George voice training are stored in physical memory.

Has the training matured the physical and mental body?

Does professional artistic experience – both physical and stage experience – add a new dimension to physical expression?

Is it possible to reintroduce training and still gain new knowledge?

They write: “Our bodies and voices have changed since we played together in the show in 1996. There is a more complex experience in them and in our souls than there was when we were young.
It’s an exploration of where we are right now with voices, bodies and each other.”

Participants in the trial:
Dea Fog, Anja Owe, Birgitte Prins and Angelina Watson.
The principal investigator was Angelina Watson.

Now the group has delivered a test report.
It can be freely downloaded here.