The experiment is subtitled: “research towards the creation of a participatory artwork: the night-visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep“.


The hello!earth group launched this project in 2015 and had its first trial round at the Experimental Station in April 2016. The project now back at the Experimental Station with a final sharing of the sleep/dream research the 14. – October 15, 2016.

The format of the experiment is that a group of specially invited guests from different backgrounds, and others who have an interest in participating, stay overnight at the station and share their experiences with the rest of the group the next day. There is room for a total of 25 participants, contact hello!earth for registration. Read more about the project here, which will culminate in a touring production in 2018 to 2020.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here

The main questions of the study are:

How to include the states of dreaming and sleeping into participatory performance making?

How to tap into the potential of this part of our consciousness?

Within this overall framework the two main focus of the forsøg are: preparations for dreaming and sleeping.

What kind of stimulations and information produces what kind of dream and sleep?

What is the impact on the collective experience/consciousness to share the same sleeping space?


Jacob Langaa Sennek (set designer/ visual design)
Vera Maeder (choreographer/theater director)
Marga Socias (performer and maker with background in sensory theater)
Suvi Lappaenen (performer Finland)
Kai Schoppe (t’ai chi teacher and working with t’ai chi of the night/dream Qi Gong)
Inge Agnete Tarpgaard (dramaturge and performance maker)
Eero Tapio Vuori (director and performance maker Finland)
Robert Stejn (choreographer)