Us Us / Us Else / Else Us / Else Else Else

From our creation as humans, our heart rate defines our manifestation in the world. The heartbeat of an unborn human in the womb is 135 beats per minute. This is the same number of BPM (beats per minute) that DJs use to bring a floor full of dancing people into a state of euphoria. Manifesting a kinesthetic pulse on our own body has the potential to take us into multiple states of experience: from relaxed and content, like when you rock a baby to sleep, to euphoric and transcendental, like when you move to the rhythm of the speakers at a party.

The kinesthetic energy that sets a body in motion also has the potential to form a connection with another body. This relationship between bodies can create empathic reactions in which one body begins to adapt to another’s experience, even if it is not going through that experience itself. This creates a “we” out of a “you and I”.

The experiment is about developing principles and methods for how the logic of Transformation Through Repetition, which is based on diving into a physical pulse and creating a transformation over time through repetition, can create a framework for both choreographic and musical materials and situations.
The experiment will focus on the relationship between dance/choreography and music/composition, in relation to how they can co-exist without being bound by each other and what it takes to create a kinesthetic response that can lead to kinesthetically empathetic experiences.

We expect the experiment to clarify the relationship between dance/choreography and music/composition, the relationships between dancers and musicians and how the choreographic and musical material invites kinesthetic empathic spaces.





Tim Matiakis is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director of KINISI. Tim’s choreographic work has been performed at The Royal Danish Theatre, Corpus, Sort/Hvid, Aarhus Theatre, HEART (Herning Museum Of Contemporary Art), Musikhuset Copenhagen, D.A.P Festival (Pietresanta, Italy). Tim was artistic director of the contemporary dance company Corpus from 2012-2021.
Rachel Tess is a dancer, choreographer and Artistic Director of MARC. Rachel’s choreographic work has been performed in Sweden, Montreal, New York City, Costa Rica and Portland, Oregon. Rachel received the prestigious Birgit Cullberg Award in 2019.
Ulrich Ruchlinksi, is a musician, composer and co-owner of the artistic platform Imulto. Over the past few years, Ulrich has created musical compositions for Norrdans, Skånes Danseteater, Dansk Danse Teater, Dansstationen.