“The Perfect Theatre”

Lecture and Workshop with Thorsten Bihegue & Junge Bühne Bochum on April 26. at 7 p.m

Registration for the workshop by email: forsoegsstationen@gmail.com no later than April 26.
The workshop is free of charge.


Based on the ideas we developed for our play “SUCKS!” in 2021, we’ll ask: What is the perfect theatre? What do we want from it? What do we want to get from it? How can we express the perfect feeling within the perfect theatre? Does the perfect theatre needs the perfect version of ourselves to express it? Do we have to be doubtful about the perfect theatre? Do we have to be doubtful about perfection at all? Or about theatre? Or about us?

The question “What is the perfect theatre?” is a pseudo-philosophical, a pseudo-aesthetical and a pseudo-theatrical question. So, in this lecture we’ll only ask – as you can see – big essential questions and we hopefully wont get – in a pseudo-scientific way – any answers. In this workshop we’ll create some parameters for these big essential questions: the perfect sound, the perfect setting, the perfect feeling, the perfect movement, the perfect dialogue, and – who knows – maybe at the end the perfect theatre gives us a gentle hint.



Thorsten Bihegue is a german director and author for young theatre. He studied Cultural Science & Aesthetical Practice at University of Hildesheim and Performance Writing at Dartington College of Arts in Great Britain. Together with american playwirght Abi Basch he founded the Physical-Theatre-Group kInDeRdEuTsCh PrOjEkTs. Between 2002 and 2013 they produced several plays in New York, Berlin and San Francisco and toured all over the world.

Since 2010 he worked as a director, dramaturg and author at Theater Rudolstadt and Theater Dortmund. He directed in many other theatres in Germany. Since 2018 he started working more intensely for young theatre and collaborated with Junge Bühne Bochum (JuBB). Their plays got invited to many festivals. They work collectively with different influences based on music, dance and performance art. “SILENCE or how I sounded out of the Window” (2019) is a theatrical approach to the world of composer John Cage. “(Amor and) Psyche – How to get a Superheroine” (2020) is an audacious mash-up of an ancient fairy-tale. “SUCKS!” (2021) just collects some common truths in a performatvie way and won the 24th dutch-german prize Kaas & Kappes for best playwriting for young audience.



“The most important thing in Pseudo-Philosophy is that there is no clue at the end.” (Rudolf Thomé)