The German experimental theatre collective Junge Bühne Bochum will perform at The Lab station on 27 April with the show “Silence” at 7 pm in connection with a residency at The Lab station.

Tickets are free of charge and must be booked by April 27 at


Junge Bühne Bochum – JuBB for short – was founded in 2018 by artists who had previously created plays for children and young people in various constellations at the Bochum Theatre. Since then, JuBB has developed drama, dance and music theatre productions for young audiences as a free collective, repeatedly invited to festivals and receiving several awards.
JuBB’s productions are sophisticated in terms of content and aesthetics, interdisciplinary, sensual, direct and close to life – the spectrum ranges from small narrative theatre formats to large stage productions.

JuBB works as a collective, invites guests to collaborate, collaborates with Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum, seeks international contacts, is based in KoFabrikken and is a member of Assitej.

JuBB makes theatre for young and old and for those who don’t know if they have grown old or are still young.

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foto:Christopher Deutsch