Saturday d. On 10 December, the The Lab station held its biannual Platform with the presentation and knowledge sharing of the following 8 experiments:
Inner Landscapes (Lise Aagaard Knudsen and Karen Eide Bøen), Choreographic Practice and Method Development (Tim Matiakis, Rachel Tess and Karen Vedel), In Ter Weave (Roosa Törma, Theresa Fogh Schou, Madeleine Cole and Aleksandra Lewon), Song of songs (Katrien van der Velden, Ida M. Nielsen and Lara O. Vejrup), Death’s door (Jakob Bentsen and Amund Bentsen), Body of sand (Tora Balslev/Daily Fiction), Dancing Rebels (Tanya Montan Rydell and Lene Kreilgaard) and Empathy and responsiveness (Ellen Kilsgaard and others).
The day concluded with a wrap-up and conversation about the importance of the Platform’s strength in both containing the sharing of artistic experimentation and establishing social cohesion and support for each other’s lives and practices as seeking artists.

Foto:Lotte Faarup