Physical knowledge sharing seminar with Tim Matiakis at the Forsøgsstationen

25th and 26 November 2022


This physical knowledge sharing seminar is a sharing of Tim Matiakis’ choreographic methodology and practice development experiments at and in collaboration with the Forsøgsstationen, supported by the Bikuben Foundation.


The starting point for this choreographic method and practice development is based on a retrospective of Tim’s choreographic activity over the last five years. The research method is based on three steps: first, a sorting of the physical and choreographic material, text, sketches, ideas, etc, then a revisit and further investigation in the studio; alone and together with other dancers and choreographers, through a detailed research method, developed in collaboration with the two consultants on the project: Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Copenhagen Karen Vedel and choreographer, dancer and artistic director of MARC, Rachel Tess, and finally a distillation and processing of the knowledge that has been accumulated, leading to the conclusion of the study.


The seminar marks the end of the time in the studio and will therefore focus on sharing concrete examples of the study on the floor, so that all participants can get a feel for the work on their own bodies, in the hope that it can contribute insights that can enrich the practices of other physical artists. In addition to sharing the research methodology and concrete examples, the seminar strives to answer these questions:

  • What insights have come from creating a topography of one’s choreographic enterprise?
  • What knowledge and reflections has this research method generated?
  • What has been revealed through revisiting choreographic material?


The seminar will conclude with a conversation between Tim Matiakis and Karen Vedel, who will go behind the process of this study.

The artistic director Forsøgsstationen, Lotte Faarup, introduces the conversation with an introduction to practice-based performing arts research and Forsøgsstationen.




10 – 11 Joint warm-up by Tim Matiakis

11 am – 4 pm Practical work on the floor



10 – 11 Joint warm-up by Tim Matiakis

11 am – 2 pm Practical work on the floor

14.30 – 16 Open event for all interested

– presentation of the work.



The knowledge sharing seminar has a maximum of 20 participants – please email Tim if you are interested in attending: You must be able to attend both days of the physical knowledge sharing seminar.

Interested in the open event 26.11. 2.30-4pm must register with Charlotte at forsø

You will only have a place at the seminar or open event when you receive a reply email.