– a forum where independent dance artists meet, train and explore together.

DANS DANS is a defined time where dancers who already have their own practice work on and explore their own dance practice, in a space with colleagues.

Because we meet regularly, knowledge and questions will build up in the group, providing a common focus for the work. This focus will emerge along the way, as the sum of each dancer’s questions and practice, while each of us maintains an individual focus.

The aim is for each dancer to examine their practice as a dancer. The aim is to dance without stopping for an hour and reflect on what is happening in the dance.

Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


The experiment has been developed by Ellen Kilsgaard through several previous experimental works, with a curiosity about the development of community around her own practice as a dancer and choreographer.

PARTICIPANTS currently invited (open to more):

Signe Erboe
Marie Lykkemark
Rosa Meyer
Lars Dahl

If you are a dancer and want to immerse yourself in your practice with other dancers, come and join us.

Please let Ellen Kilsgaard know if you would like to participate.

Read the final report here.