The image is from the presentation of the Somatography experiment

The Lab station held its last platform of the year on 3 June ’22.

Seven very interesting and different experiments were presented – several based on dance/choreography, several focusing on climate – all with something important at heart, whether it was a big existential question or a very precise artistic investigation.

Thanks a lot to everyone who presented experiments!

Experiments at The Lab station 2nd half of season 21/22:

Anna Stamp
What we leave behind – What traces and imprints do we leave behind as human beings?

6 – 14 December ’21

Jakob Bentsen

Before after life

– a study of scenic expressions of the afterlife; what awaits on the other side of death.

17 – 25 December ’21

Joanna Ellen Öhlschläger

The Picnic and the Fountains

In the era of climate collapse, how do we reflect on the consumption of food and water through aesthetic representation?

February ’22

Anna Kruse

Behind the grief
Can songs be created from an interview and can the idea that the artist comes up with be further developed with the interviewee so that they recognise themselves?

3 weeks in the period January – March ’22

Tanya Montan Rydell / Nexus Dance

Choosing Change –

How can we use site-specific performance art to strengthen the climate activist cause?

Every Wednesday evening February – July ’22.

B&W art and support

Teach each other lab –

a study of non-hierarchical learning in the performing arts

Mondays in spring ’22

Kalliopi Siganou and Karin Bergman


– Which methodologies can be developed for new experiences and uses of public space?

16 May – 6. June ’22

Katrien van der Velden and Veera Kopsala
Records of touch – How do we meet the world with our bodies? – study of the sense of touch in relation to communication and emotional identification.

3 weeks September ’21