The experiment is based on the question “If we resist to attach a certain function or purpose to dance, and instead reinforce dance as something in itself by insisting on form, aesthetic and craft – what sort of experiences can unfold?”.

The study at the Experimental Station is part of an ambitious multi-layered project that has already been underway in several other residency contexts. Development of a dance format called ‘long durational dance’ for 5 dancers, and parallel development of a dance technique based on this artistic practice.

The trial was to have taken place in May-June 2020, but has been moved to autumn 2020, in the new 20/21 season.

“…Somewhere, some time, a group of dancers moves in spirals, curves and loops around themselves and in spatial patterns. By knitting, braiding and weaving the dances into nonlinear patternings, they are confusing beginnings and endings. As if they are the beholder of time and space, they rock their surrounding into a hazed state of being. The dance is functioning as an anchor to experience the time passing, which is tangled together with the change and ongoingness of all the processes here and now. This altered state of experiencing is lingering on for what seems to be hours, until the dancers stops dancing…”

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The experiment is led by choreographer and dancer Karin Bergman, with Marie Bru Eide (NO), Max Wallmeier (DE), Anna Lea Ourø (DK) and Emilie Gregersen (DK) also participating.

Stills from
by Jonas Fogh