The experiment is a study of the word “no” in different forms, bodily, phonetically and psychologically.

In his intention report, Jon Hoff, the head of the study, elaborates:

“I want to explore my assumption that we as a society celebrate a “yes” and therefore forget to say no, almost forget that it is an option. I will include theoretical material that can give us an understanding of the society we live in. In addition, we will draw inspiration from historical examples of collective resistance to understand how the use of the word “no” can relate to a political project of speaking out against governing systems.

By exploring and trying for ourselves some of the psychological and physical processes involved in saying no, we will be able to approach a bodily experience of what the practice of saying no can do to us and for us.”

Read the experiment’s purpose statement



Patric Lindström, Nadia Bounenni and Jon Hoff, who is leading the trial, are taking part.

Patricia Lindström is a freelance dancer graduated from Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany, Nadia Bounenni. Graduating student of dance and choreography at the Danish School of Performing Arts. Jon Hoff is a freelance dancer and choreographer. Graduated from The Danish School of Performing Arts.

There will be screenings during the trial, which will take place in weeks 46-48, 2020. Keep an eye on the website for further info as we get closer.