On 10 December, we held the last Platform at the Experimental Station in 2021.

Platform is an artistic exchange of experience in word and practice between experimental projects, where we both exchange in small groups to get to the core of the individual experimental work, but subsequently in a common plenary also seek to talk about trends and larger lines.





Karin Bergman

Somewhere, some time

– research in reinforcing dance as something in itself by insisting on form, aesthetic and craft.

Kirstine Lindemann

Between Strings #2

– an investigation of how the audience can enter into a planned musical and scenic process without prior knowledge

Karolina Tarmara Wojtowicz

Death Dance

– an exploration of letting go when you lose and dealing with the emotions that arise.

Katrien van der Velden and Veera Kopsala

Records of touch – How do we meet the world with our bodies? – study of the sense of touch in relation to communication and emotional identification.

Angelina Watson

Breath, voice and PTSD –

Voice study with female war veterans in an attempt to start a process to give them back their voice.

Jakob Bentsen, Mikkel Trier Rygaard and Jesper La Cour

Fortælle Atelier
– Investigating the relationship between imagery and narrative expression, using dream narratives as a starting point.