The professional council for stage dance had on Thursday 2.12. invited to a salon at the Experimental Station.
15 people from very different backgrounds gathered to discuss what the Industry Council could do for the environment and the issues they saw.



Lotte Faarup and Charlotte Rindom from the Experimental Station welcomed the participants – and Pernille Garde and Jens Christian Jensen began by outlining the history and background of the Industry Council. Julie Schmidt Andreasen then took over and invited discussion of 3 different key issues for the development of dance.

At the opening, there was talk of the major challenges facing the sector – that there is not one unifying house, for example – but that on the other hand this opens up other things. Several felt that there had been a centralisation around the Dance Halls, especially financially. It was suggested that the Industry Council should be a clearer voice for a stronger structure in the field.
There was agreement that the Industry Council should be a place to share views and desired roles. A good place to gather knowledge/overview of the dance eco-system – the whole industry – and to pass on knowledge about e.g. organisational forms (associations, self-employed).

The three questions discussed were
Venues & studies for the sector: Where do we practice and produce dance? What is the need and is it being met
Development: how do we want to develop formats and knowledge sharing in the sector – and what are some good examples?
Influence & Terms: What influence should dance have?
The Branch Council’s current focus points were also discussed, as well as the Branch Council’s proposed vision/3-point plan for the Branch Council and taxation of grants sought and received on Social Security numbers.

All in all, it was a very rewarding and fruitful evening.

The Experimental Station has invited the Industry Council to hold their future salons at our premises.
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