The INTO THE UNKNOWN site has expanded to include presentations of two new experiments:

The Shape of the Audience
– study of audience movements, seen as choreographic patterns. Katrien van der Velden and Antoinette Helbing/ Forsøgsstationen

The sound of the audience and silence-pause-reverberation
– study of the auditory identity of the audience in the theatre.

Peter Bruun and Erik Jakobsson / Research Station

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INTO THE UNKNOWN is open source on the Research Station’s website, where professionals and other interested parties can easily access examples of experimental work in words and practice. Each experiment is presented through interview, report and video footage to provide both an intellectual and sensory approach to the work.

If you go to the site you can see the last 2 new test examples. Or if you missed the first 10 presentations when we launched the site at our 10th birthday last season, you can enjoy them too:

Totally! Dance!
when the audience experiences the dance physically. Ellen Kilsgaard and co.

The Actor and the Übermarionette
a study of the actor and the stage expression of puppetry. Forsøgsstationen/Øyvind Kirchhoff, Rolf Søborg et al.

study of breath as interdiciplinary expression. Dummykopf/Kirstine Lindemann

Teaching each other Lab/Mondays
study of how teaching and learning of performative formats can be done in a nonhierarchical way. B & W – Art and support

Story Play
study of the Story Play model’s 5 phases. The narrative theatre

study of what the imprint of the autonomous body in motion looks like. Katrine Stewart

Second skin experiment
study of what a doll is; how and when it arises. Wunderverk

a study in failing.

The Olske Orchestra

Random Performance Game
development of a game to inspire the creative process. Livingstone’s Cabinet

Like not like
study of public evaluation of creative ideas. Jens Bäckvall and Christian Rossil



Activities of the experimental station in season 21/22

Weekly calendar


9-11 Teach each other Mondays v/ B&W Art and Support

18 – 21 Stands & Dance

19.30-22 Gaga training


9-11 Nadine George voice training by Angelina Kirchhoff

19-22 Dance platform/ training network for dancers and physical performers led by Antoinette Helbing and Katrien van der Velden first ½ season.


8 – 10 Gaga training


Gaga training starts 3 August. All other training starts from 1 September.


Two 2 weekend courses in Nadine George voice technique 6. and 7 November ’21 and 7. and May 8, 2022 by voice teacher Angelina Kirchhoff.

Workshop “European avant-garde theatre” 18 and 25 November and 2 December 7-10 pm with theatre studies and director Marc van der Velden.


Members’ evenings
New initiative Fridays from 5 – 8 pm (September 24, November 26, January 28, March 25 and May 27) Speeches, news, exchange and soup for all members.


Dance platform
New initiative for all dancers/choreographers/physical performers every Wednesday evening between 7pm and 10pm, starting September 1st.


The Experimental Station is organising a pre-experiment “Audience in the Urban Space” – as part of the concept “Audience in an Artistic Context”.

Voice teacher Angelina Kirchhoff conducts the trial “Breath, Voice and PTSD” – a study for female war veterans in releasing the breath and opening the voice.

Dancer and choreographer Anna Stamp presents “What we leave behind” – an exploration of human traces and imprints.


Artist talk
GLAD theatre has a residency at Forsøgsstationen in October, which involves Theater Complicité. The theatre will hold an artist talk on Thursday. October 28.


In addition to the activities mentioned, there will be more trials and events on an ongoing basis.

More information and details will be available on the Experimental Station website in August – subject to change.


Reminder if you want to remain a member:
The Experimental Station invites all interested parties – new and old members alike – to submit their CV and membership application for the 21/22 season. If the application is received before 20 June, you will be eligible for membership from 2 August. You will receive a reply to your application by 28 June. Applications received after 20 June will be processed in August. There is no automatic renewal this year, so we ask that you pay only after you have received an approval of the membership on your email.


Prices for the 21/22 season are as follows:


Individual membership 1.450 kr.
Individual membership DKK 1,100 when applying in June/early August.
Individual membership for artists outside Copenhagen 450 kr.
Group membership for theatres/associations in Greater Copenhagen 3.300 kr.
Group membership for theatres/associations outside Copenhagen 1.700 kr.
Guest memberships for artists living abroad 300 DKK.