Two choreographers and 21 volunteers are busy developing

The Experimental Station’s seasonal experiment “
The Shape of the Audience”

See pictures from the process and read more about the content and presentation under CPH. STAGE here.




“The Shape of the Audience”

A study of audience movement patterns in the theatre











During the 20/21 season, Forsøgsstationen and choreographers Antoinette Helbing and Katrien van der Velden have developed the format for “The Shape of the Audience” – an experiment that focuses on the movement patterns of audiences, both as a collective organism and as individuals, based on observations of the social cues and physical movements of audiences in and around the theatre spaces of our culture.

The choreographers have been interested in exploring the spaces offered to the audience, our understanding of the role of the audience and how this shapes our actions in the theatre. Based on collected material and literature, the choreographers and a group of 21 volunteers worked in April and May on phenomena and concepts such as: witnessing something collective, cohesion in the dark, the chair as a cultural and historical object, poor vision, frontality, bringing bodies together in public spaces, etc.

The culmination of this work is now on display at CPH. STAGE with 4 presentations – admission is FREE, but due to limited seating it is important to book a ticket.


Presentation of“The Shape of the Audience” at Forsøgsstationen, Sønder Boulevard 81, Vesterbro:

Saturday d. 29 May at 14 and 16

Sunday d. 30 May at 14 and 16

Tickets: book your ticket here or on tel. 70 272 272


Choreographers and experimental supervisors: Katrien van der Velden and Antoinette Helbing

Volunteers: Signe Pachai, Emma Hornum Inanloo, Malvina Schirmer, Astrid Sarauw, Helene Ridderberg, Signe Korbo Christiansen, Laura Pérez, Linda Klein, Tine Rønnov, Angelina Kirchhoff, Lise Klitten, Kirsten Sjøstrøm, Anne Petersen, Birgitta Frello, Gustav Marcus Lauesen, Julienne Doko, Meire Santos, Hanne Løvendahl, Andrea Ostenfeld, Ulrik Ørsnes Jensen and Pernille Danielsen.