Finally! Corona restrictions were lifted (a little) and B&W Art and Support are able again to offer their knowledge sharing series Teach Each Other Mondays for you to participate in. Yes, there will be live and in person meetings at Forsøgsstationen on every Monday this May.

B&W are proud and happy to present an exciting line up of guest teachers for this short season, with guest artists generously sharing their personal artistic practices with roots in performance art, theatre and dance. You will get to know new methods, formats and ideas, and as always, we will try them out practically, all of us together.

We meet each Monday morning in May at 9.00 h for a one hour working session, followed by a talk with the artist about what we just did, FREE coffee and croissants. At 11.00 h we are done and you are ready to start your working week brimming with fresh inspiration.

These teachers will be there to share with you on the next 5 Mondays:


Camilla Graff Junior

, performance artist, curator and researcher.

10.5. Lotte Faarup, author, director, artistic director of
The Olske Orchestra
Experimental Station

17.5. Jesper LaCour, story teller, actor, artistic director of
The Narrative Theatre


Marlene Bonnesen

, dancer, teacher and choreographer.

31.5. Øyvind Kirchhoff, actor, mime, artistic director of
The Olske Orchestra
Experimental Station

Due to continuous corona restrictions, a maximum of 10 people can attend each session. To reserve your space, please
use this form on B&W’s website
to register for the next session from Tuesday to Sunday the week before. You will receive a confirmation by mail.

Dorte and Jörn from B&W ar looking forward to seeing you next Monday!

Read more about the upcoming sessions on
B&W’s Facebook page
about Teach Each Other Mondays at Forsøgsstationen
, and about the
background of non-hierarchical teaching
on B&W’s website.