The choral work Silence – Pause – Reverberation” and the performance

“The Driverless Man”
presented during CPH. STAGE.

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“Silence – Pause – Reverberation”

A choral work of audience sounds



For the past 5 years, the research station has focused on “audience relations in an artistic context” as a basic research project; primarily to develop understanding of audience identity and capacities in theatre. In the 2016/2017 season, we launched the EU-funded research project “
The Sound of the Audience
,” in which 40 Vesterbro citizens from different social backgrounds, together with musicians and performing artists, created a sound work based exclusively on the sounds and actions of the audience in the theatre.

With the experimental project “
Silence – Pause – Reverberation”
we continued in 2020 with the study of the aural audience identity, this time with more focus on private and introverted aural phenomena of the audience.

The very first choir test (photo) took place in March 2020 just before the shutdown. Fortunately, we managed to resume the experiment in August and present it live in October 2020 to a smaller audience.

The work is now on display at CPH. STAGE as film screening – admission is FREE, but due to limited seating it is important to book a ticket.


Screening of“Silence – Pause – Reverberation” at Forsøgsstationen, Sønder Boulevard 81, Vesterbro:

Saturday d. 29 May at 11.15, 11.45, 12.15, 12.45 and 13.15.

Sunday d. 30 May at 11.15, 11.45, 12.15, 12.45 and 13.15.

Book your ticket here or on tel. 70 272 272


Composer: Peter Bruun – Conductor: Erik Jakobsson – Artistic direction: Øyvind Kirchhoff and Lotte Faarup

Documentation: Rikke Jeppesen Rod, Helle Lyshøj, Øyvind Kirchhoff.

Kor: Anna Lyngby Olsen, Anne Hansen, Anne Pedersen, Berit Christiansen, Birgitta Frello, Fatima Larmi, Hanne Løvendahl, Henrik Bencke, Iben Schlanbusch, Jesper la Cour Andersen, Julie Gaugler, Jytte Kristensen, Kent Højholdt, Kim Jezus, Kirsten Sjøstrøm, Lis Lund Hansen, Linda Ørnfeldt Jespersen, Malene Meyer, Malene Thorborg, Miguel Cabrera, Neel Junker Bærentsen, Nina Garst Jensen, Sanja Jelic Kristic, Sussanne Teilsgård, Tina Rønnow Pedersen.




“The Driverless Man”

A theatre performance based on basic research in the Experimental Station



A lonely man from a digitised world turns back time to 1964 in an attempt to reconnect with himself and the material needs of his body. But something has been lost. He doesn’t understand the landline phone, doesn’t recognise the book, is frightened by the doorbell… Only when he finally gets in touch with his original self does he discover what it costs him to seek presence.


“The driverless human”
is a tragicomic, nonverbal slapstick and object performance by the Olske Orkester.

The performance stands on the shoulders of 6 years of work at Forsøgsstationen with the basic research project “The Actor and the Übermarionette ” – a research developed together with a large group of Danish actors, puppeteers and performing arts students, initiated by Øyvind Kirchhoff.

The study focuses on the scenic expression of the actor and the puppet theatre and the fusion of both into new scenic expressions and takes as its starting point the theatre theorist Edward Gordon Craig’s thoughts and ideas about the ideal actor “Übermarionetten”, a supermarionette with a style of acting free of psychology and realism inspired by the symbolic and poetic universe of the puppet.

Through several phases, representation of the living (the biological body) and representation of the dead (the artificial body) were explored. This meant that both the puppeteers and the actors went beyond their familiar field of work and worked both with giving life to dead material (puppets, objects) and “giving death” to living material (living bodies that can be manipulated with complete abandon).


“The Driverless Man”
plays at Forsøgsstationen, Sønder Boulevard 81, Vesterbro:

Thursday d. 3 June at 14 and 17

Friday d. 4 June at 14 and 17

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Performer: Øyvind Kirchhoff – Director: Lotte Faarup – Puppet and set design: Rolf Søborg

Lighting design and special effects: Jon Gelting – Sound design: Jonas Jørgensen – Technology and execution: Søren Kyed Project management: Charlotte Rindom