Our seasonal experiment“Silence, Pause, Audience Memories” managed to have its first choir rehearsal on Friday 6 March. Composer Peter Bruun and choirmaster Erik Jakobsson introduced the audience to the newly composed work. Peter and Erik also formed the musical power-team at Lyden af Publikum, the season experiment in 2016/17, where we played at the Royal Theatre in connection with CPH STAGE (see short documentary here) and were in Italy with in 2018(link).

Photo: still from film by Helle Lyshøj

Due to lockdown, we have decided to move the project to August 2020 instead, with the first rehearsal on Friday 14 August. Fortunately, many of our participants would still like to join, and others interested are welcome to write to find out more. The seasonal experiment is part of a larger project that will run over the next few years with support from the BIKUBENFONDEN, among others. Read details about participation in the recruitment letter and about the trial here.

Registration and further information via email to Øyvind Kirchhoff at oyvind@forsoegsstationen.dk