As of 1 February, we have a change of administrator, as Rikke Giselsson is leaving. Therefore, from February there is a new face in the office. Lise Aagaard Knudsen will be in charge of the administrative tasks until the summer. However, Lise is not entirely new to the house, as she has worked for the Olske Orkester for periods. She takes over responsibility for booking and payment/finance from Rikke Giselsson, but there is no change in contact information. It is still or to write to.

Lise and Rikke in the process of handing over. Photo: Rikke Rod.

The change of shift means some changes to office hours; we are now open Mon-Thurs 9am-1pm, and then there is a virtual office Fridays 9am-1pm, during which time you can contact Rikke Rod about PR at and Lise about booking and membership at – or call our main number 38793828 which will be forwarded.