• Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled.

Theatre Prisme and Zetland jointly invite to a conversation salon about our relationship with nature

Thursday 28 November 19:30 – 21:30
in the Boulevard Hall at the Experimental Station.

Come and find out what inconsistent natural optics and the urge to re-enforce nature have to do with a lifeline for the remaining 50% of the planet’s biodiversity.

Come and discover what your relationship with communicating trees and connectedness with the other living organisms on the planet has to do with reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring the peaceful coexistence of our grandchildren on the planet…

Tonight’s menu is based on an article published by Zetland / written by Jonathan Tybjerg. (link here)

Read more about the programme of the event here.

Registration by 26 November by email to kontakt@teaterprisme.dk