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The Experimental Station is proud to present the film of the SOUND OF THE PUBLIC’s Torino tour in October 2018. Link to video, with English subtitles is available at: – also a short wordless teaser is available here:

THE SOUND OF THE PUBLIC, is an experimental project where local volunteers and performing artists from the Experimental Station joined forces for an ambitious project – to create a choral work based on the sounds of the public. The work was performed in 2017 during CPH Stage both here at Forsøgsstationen and at the Royal Theatre.

The background for this international debut was that we were invited to participate in the conference “Art and Communities: European models of audience engagement and social inclusion” by CARAVAN Next partner Social Community Theatre Centre, University of Torino. They had seen the first film from the Danish pilot project(link) and were very enthusiastic about the project.

The experimental station was invited to share our experiences with the original project and to make a live presentation of the work. In only four half days we had to make the work with local Torinese consisting of students and elderly people. Composer Peter Bruun had made a rewritten version of “Moscow 1922” – the part of the work that was created from audience sounds from Meyerholdt in 1920s Russia. The texts had been translated into Italian by one of our original SOUND OF THE PUBLIC participants.

It was a great experience that we want to share with the world.

The film was shot by documentary filmmaker Helle Lyshøj, who is also behind the films about the first version of the SOUND OF THE PUBLIC and edited by Helle Lyshøj and Lotte Faarup.

The report on the project in 2017 is published in both Danish – and in connection with the international debut, now also in English – and is written by Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff, the artistic directors of Forsøgsstationen. Digital versions are available via

Printed reports can be obtained at

Many greetings

Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff
Experimental station