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Late summer is upon us! We look forward to another exciting season of geeky experiments, training and artistic exchanges!

The newsletter contains:

  1. Since last
    1. Sad news
    2. Theatre Patrasket was celebrated
  2. Upcoming activities
    1. General Assembly
    2. Seminar for foreign students
    3. Trainings season 18/19
    4. Quality seminar on 24 November
  3. Current membership attempts
    1. Marathon
    3. The Olske Orchestra
    4. Speech(less)
    5. In in in
    6. From Studio to Studio
  4. Special for members
    1. Membership
    2. Use the network!
    3. Training


** Since last time

Sad news

The experimental station is rented by the Skjalm Hvide cooperative, with whom we have a very good working relationship. The Association’s caretaker for many years, Søren, passed away on 14 July after a long illness. Søren was always industrious and worked almost to the end – and he had a special relationship with our house, which we have of course benefited from. The old cinema won’t be the same without him.

Glory be to his memory.


** Pastrasket Theatre’s 33 1/3 year anniversary


On a happier note, we can report that Theatre Patrasket has celebrated its anniversary here in the old cinema! – first with a reception and afterwards with dinner and dancing. It was a super nice day with wonderful speeches and funny features. We are so happy that they live here with us and hold the flag high in the face of adversity to inspire everyone! Congratulations on your anniversary and all the best for the future! Their next project is “Pinocchio” which will play at Anemonen (https://www.anemonen.dk/patrasket) in January 2019, directed by Alex Byrne. Next month they play “Sunday” also at Anemonen – highly recommended – wonderful and thought-provoking for the little ones and their adults…

See their entertaining photo series from the 33 1/3 years of work via this link (https://www.facebook.com/221080041337000/videos/288987148356776/?fb_dtsg_ag=Adw5NzEctTKLXNXlfa0SCa_–ZZs-UEIf73c0855rk6K2A%3AAdz9-5Me8cRhkRJ_qRz3vMYKtKIp5rzRw-r-N-x3MzqOkg) (from Facebook).


** Upcoming activities

** General Assembly
On Tuesday 18 September at 18-19, the Experimental Station will hold its annual general meeting.
The invitation has been sent out by e-mail to all members on. 4/9. We hope to see as many members as possible.

Read more about the organisation, sponsors and statutes of the Research Station here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/om-forsogsstationen/) .

** Visits by DIS students
Photo: Rikke Jeppesen Rod – archive photo from exchange seminar April 2018.
On the evening of Friday 28 September, the Research Station will be visited by a group of exchange students from the USA. The students are studying pedagogy, architecture and European history and are in Denmark via the organisation DIS (https://disabroad.org/dis/) (Danish Institute for Study Abroad). Øyvind Kirchhoff introduces them to our house and lets them get ‘on the floor’ with samples of the experimental performing arts and voice training (with Angelina Watson).

Training season 18/19
Photo: Gadi Dagon
We always have training for members of the Experimental Station, but in the coming season we have added more training sessions that are also open (though not free) to non-members.

** GAGA people
It was a great success with Gaga people during CPH Stage, where Siri Wolthoorn taught every morning, and we are very happy to announce that she is back with regular weekly trainings in the new season. Read more about the training and when the different classes start here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/traening-saeson-18-19/) . For those who haven’t seen it, there was a great article in Politiken’s IBYEN in connection with CPH Stage (link (http://www.e-pages.dk/politikenannoncer/2138350776/8) ).

Gaga people is free for members of Forsøgsstationen, but non-members are also welcome for a fee of 70 kr per session.

** Modern dance
Stands&Dans is also back with two modern dance classes on Monday night. My Lindblad and Camilla Stage are the main teachers throughout the season. Read more about the teams and the price of participation for non-members either on the Stands&Dan website (http://standsogdans.dk) or on our website here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/traening-saeson-18-19/) .

At the bottom of the newsletter is an overview of all training offers in the section “Special for members”.

** Quality seminar

Saturday d. On November 24, 18, Forsøgsstationen in Copenhagen will hold a seminar on the concept of quality in theatre. Inspired by the work of the quality committees in the children’s and youth environment in the 80s and 90s, and sensing a growing need in the theatre community to (re)find a qualified language around criticism, we are trying to put the quality discussion on the agenda.

The seminar has invited all members of the former Quality Committee of the Children’s Theatre Association%C3%(BTS) to benefit from their valuable experience (e.g. Catherine Poher, Bodil Alling, Gitte Kath, Simon Vagn Jensen, Peter Seligmann, Michael Ramlöse, Lene Vestergaard, Biba Schwoon and others).

We hope that as many people as possible from the children’s/young people’s theatre community, as well as the wider theatre community, will want to participate and get involved in this important conversation.

Read more about the event on the website (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/2018/08/17/kvalitetsseminar/) , or read the preview here (http://www.teateravisen.dk/seminar-om-kvalitetsarbejde-i-teatret.html) in Teateravisen.

Current membership attempts

It is always possible to read about ongoing or previous trials via the database (http://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/databasen/) or under trials (http://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/) on the website, where you can also download trial reports and read the trial team’s intention reports – i.e. the trial team’s presentation of the trial itself. Members can apply for time and sparring on trials – see how here (http://forsoegsstationen.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7e4ab507ee0681aacca9cd6c7&id=ee294188b7&e=7b9b825c44) . Views may not always make it into the newsletter, so keep an eye on our facebook page (http://forsoegsstationen.us8.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=7e4ab507ee0681aacca9cd6c7&id=3ce7a29bec&e=7b9b825c44) and the website if you are particularly interested in experiencing the artistic research processes up close…

** Membership trials in the calendar…


** Marathon
The Marathon experiment, led by Sophie Grodin, has been developed by a group of 4 artists from different backgrounds and nationalities (Sophie Grodin DK, Jemima Yong SG, Malachy Orozco US, Alan Fielden UK) who together form the performance group JAMS. Marathon explores collective memory, amnesia and the distortion of narrative in the times we live in now. A time when we are filled with information we don’t know how to navigate, when we often know only a fraction of a story, and when source criticism and facts are often hard to hold on to.

Read more about the trial here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/marathon/) .

The Biggest Dream
In August-September 2018, Theatre Borderline is organising THE BIGGEST DREAM. They will investigate how the relationship between the real-plan narrative frame and the fairytale plane is emphasized in the performance ‘The Biggest Dream’ in relation to text/language, sound and scenographic objects for the target group 9-12 years?

The team behind is project manager and playwright Lise Jørgensen; actors Henriette Rosenbeck and Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt; director Solveig Weinkouff; set designer Sisse Gerd Jørgensen and sound designer Gregers Kjar.
Read more about the experiment on the website (link (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/den-stoerste-droem/) )

** The meeting between poetic narrative and expressionist physical theatre
Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff
In August 2017, the Olske Orkester began a three-year research project at the Forsøgsstationen, which aims to investigate and develop a theatrical language based on a combination of poetic narrative and expressionist physical theatre.

Read more about the trial here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/moedet-mellem-den-poetiske-fortaelling-og-det-ekspressionistiske-fysiske-teater/) .


** Speech(less)
Photo: Jesper Haller
The Speech(less) experiment explores native language, rhythm, movement and meaning through a bodily translation of the spoken word. The experiment is led by choreographer Annika Kompart and will take place in September 2018.

Read more about the trial here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/speechless/) .

Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff
DANS DANS DANS is intended as a forum where independent dance artists meet, train and explore together. The experiment has been developed by Ellen Kilsgaard through several previous experimental works, with a curiosity about the development of community around her own practice as a dancer and choreographer.

Read more about the trial here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/dans-dans-dans/) – there is still time to become part of the trial.

** From Studio to Studio
Photo: Ellie Gravitte, Shashwat Gupta
The experiment “From Studio to Studio” will explore the need for non-commercial training, moderated by the actors themselves. Inspired by The Actor’s Studio in New York, participants in the experiment will study self-selected scenes together, taking turns to perform, moderate and comment.

The trial is led by actor and casting specialist Andreas Lyon and will take place in September-October 2018. Professional actors and performers with a desire to develop and maintain their craft are sought for the experiment. Contact Andreas Lyon (mailto:andreaslyon@gmail.com ) for more information.

Read more about the experiment here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/forsoeg/fra-studie-til-studio/) .

Special for members

Become a member
If you are not yet a member but would like to be, you can read more about membership and conditions here (http://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/medlemsskab/) . Contact Dorte at dorte@forsoegsstationen.dk for more info.

Members from the 17/18 season can renew their membership by paying into the usual account or via our new mobile payment 89259. Remember to write an email to Dorte – new form does not need to be filled out at renewal. Expect 2-3 working days before you are ready to book rooms again.
NOTE: This option will be discontinued on 1 October. After that you have to submit the form and expect 1-2 weeks registration time.

** Use the network!

We would like to encourage members to use this unique network (which many already do – not least via the facebook group “Forsøgsstationen intern” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/944010352410912/) ) – both in the form of invitations to screenings of trials or rehearsals, but of course also when it is time to play a performance.


** Training offers and workshops
We have continued with the popular voice training by Angelina Watson on Wednesdays at 9-11, Rikke Liljenberg’s ShakespeareLab on the first Sunday of the month and, as already announced, Gaga is back on the weekly schedule! There is training twice a week and the last Friday of the month. Stands&Dans is also back with two modern dance classes on Monday night. My Lindblad and Camilla Stage are the main teachers throughout the season.

** In short, the training offer for the 18/19 season looks like this:
(for updated schedule see website / link (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/traening-saeson-18-19/) )


** Monday 18-19:30 – Dance – basic* (Stands&Dans)
Monday 19:30-21 – Flow and technique* (Stands&Dans)
Tuesday 8:30-9:30 – Gaga People **
Wednesday 9-10:45 – Voice training# (SMS the day before)
Wednesday 18:30-19:30 – Gaga People **
Friday 9-10 – Gaga people **
Sunday 10:30-13:00 – Shakespeare Sunday Lab § (first Sunday of the month)

*) Read more about the teams on their website here (http://standsogdans.dk) . It is free for members to attend. Please write to info@standsogdans.dk and provide your Member ID when registering.

**) Free for members – and non-members can participate for a fee of 70 DKK per session. See more about dates here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1448549642051388/) .

#) Free for members – if you want a trial lesson contact Angelina. Registration required by 21:00 the evening before by SMS to Angelina 20150949.

§) Free for members – and non-members can participate for a fee of DKK 100 per session. Contact Rikke Liljenberg (mailto:rikkeliljenberg@gmail.com) for registration.