There will be a “Platform” on Friday 15 June from 17-21, followed by dinner.

Platform is an artistic exchange of experience in word and practice between experimental projects, where we both exchange in small groups to get to the core of the individual experimental work, but subsequently in a common plenary also seek to talk about trends and larger lines.

The platform event is primarily dedicated to the trial actors involved, but interested parties are welcome to register.

Artist Talk

Finally, we have an artist talk under the theme “Try or try?” with Teater Patrasket about their recently held workshop with Alex Byrne, as a prelude to a new production and a small presentation of Adele Jansson’s internship at Forsøgsstationen with a performance design installation.

At the end there is traditionally soup and bread.

Interested parties are very welcome, but please register at

The current trials are:

Kirstine Lindemann: BREATH – What are the qualities of breath as a musical and theatrical means of expression for an audience?

Jesper la Cour/ The Narrative Theatre: “Story Play 3” A continued study of the Story Play model and thus the development of narratives with artistic potential in groups of children, young people and adults.

Vera Maeder/Hello Earth: Dreaming is something we do while we sleep – research towards the creation of a participatory artwork: the night-visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep. Fourth part of experiment at the Experimental Station.

Lars Dahl: Exploring the Body – Developing a teaching format that invites young people into the world of the choreographer and dancer, where they become an active part of the space, participating and having a say both in the teaching and in a creative work process.

Tine Kortemann: Nature Wild – preparing a young audience to experience and engage with a performance by first testing and sensing the performance’s subject and working methods.

Peter Kunz and Sofie Alhøj/Den danske scenekunstskole, Odense: Manual for the Actor 2 – development of a handbook for actors focusing on new aspects of acting technique in terms of definitions and applications of the concept of impression.

My Lindblad: Slowing down – challenging spectator and practitioner in slowness to see what happens to our inner pace and breathing when we lose perception of time.