We have just had the pleasure of Andreas Dawe and his crew for their first exploration of the work Zenobia. They have been working in this house for the last 3 weeks. Andreas explains the project here:

“”Zenobia” is a 2016 award-winning Danish graphic novel by Morten Dürr and Lars Horneman about a Syrian girl, Amina, who flees the war in a crowded boat on the Mediterranean. The boat capsizes – and Amina drowns. As she falls through the water, we relive her life in fragments, and it is an exceptionally successful, beautiful, touching and heartfelt book, which has deservedly had great success and impact.

With development support from the Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for Performing Arts, I am currently working as a director, playwright and supervisor – together with dancer and choreographer Fie Dam Mygind, actor Bo Carlsson, musician and composer Claus Carlsen and set designer Julie Forchhammer – to explore how the book can be “translated” into a theatrical expression. In other words, we are in the workshop!”

Quoting Andreas Dawe.

Read the review of the work here.

We wish the project success in its future journey and look forward to seeing you again.