Then it’s not long until the annual showcase for Danish children’s theatre at its best!

We can feel it here in the house, not least because several of our residents do theatre for children – and many ‘ordinary’ members as well.

We have had and have rehearsal rooms full of theatre groups rehearsing for the festival. Teater Patrasket has been running“FLYV” and“SØNDAG” – Det Fortællende Teater with“Amled” and “Holger“, Kompagni Kalas with“Norden Rundt“, Dunkelblå with“Coyote“, nycirkuskompagniet Cikaros & Teater Kimone with“Omvendt“, Ellen Kilsgaard with“TOTAL!DANS!” and Teater Klumpen with“Stresspølsen“.

In addition, the Olske Orkester & Teater Værk“The fox goes out there” plays at the festival.

See the full programme here.


Photo: Lea Ingemann Bjerg