Dear theatre people,


All those interested are invited to the screening of the development project “Winter of our Discouragement”. The screening takes place in Boulevarden at the Experimental Station

on 22/6 at 17:00 and on 23/6 at 14:00.


Registration is not necessary, and the screening will last about 80 minutes – afterwards there will be an opportunity for questions, comments, praise, etc., if anyone has anything to say.


“The Winter of Our Discouragement” is a monologue with and about Adolf Hitler and is an attempt to uncover and see behind the mask of this strange, cruel, absurd and complex man – and thus let him reflect in our own time, where we must note that Hitler may be dead and gone, but his thoughts and ideologies are not. There are a lot of Hitler-wannabes in power around, everything seems to be in turmoil, and in Chechnya, for example, we are witnessing right now the first concentration camps in Europe since World War II, where gay citizens are interned, tortured and murdered.

“Hitler had it under control!”, you could read on Facebook not so long ago, and the longing for strong men who can come and clean up and put things in order is seemingly indestructible and unquenchable. And as Primo Levi – who in his famous books gave testimony of his time as a concentration camp prisoner during World War II – has said, “I’m not a prisoner of war. World War II – wrote: “It happened, and therefore it can happen again.” And perhaps we are now at a point where we have to ask the question: is Hitler back? And what does he look like today?


Welcome and best regards


Andreas Dawe, playwright and director

and Dan Zahle, actor



The development project is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for Performing Arts, which has given money for the development of the script + for a four-week workshop on the floor.