The experiment has 2 phases. The first phase is in week 20 and the second phase in week 36

In week 20: TOTAL!DANCE! – back to basics – exploring the essence of the practice that forms a living foundation for TOTAL!DANCE! – an interactive dance and music performance for children, is explored.

In week 36: TOTAL!DANCE! as a family performance? – exploring how TOTAL!DANCE! works as a family performance where children 7-10 years old are the participating audience and their companions/family members are the traditional seated audience.

See also the invitation for interested children and their families to participate in this trial in week 36 here!


The experiments stem from recurring work with TOTAL!DANCE! an interactive choreographic format for children in grades 1-3.

Ellen Kilsgaard started this work at the The Lab station in 2013 and has since worked 2-3 weeks every year on the project. Read the report from the previous pilot project here, and more about the performance that has been developed on the basis of this on Ellen Kilsgaard’s site.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


Idea and dance: Ellen Kilsgaard

Dance: Rosa Meyer and Anu Rajala-Erkut

Live music: Henriette Groth