14595733_1268107886545108_7932997355744377189_nWunderVerk is in full swing with “Cigar bum nose”. This is the working title of a musical paper theatre experiment based on an adaptation of the Dadaist play Le Cœur à gaz / The Heart of Gas, written by Tristan Tzara, one of the leading figures of Dada. Inspired by Dada, they work with the principle of chance as a methodological device.

They will conclude the experimental work with a working demonstration on Friday. 4 November at 11 am. It takes place at the Experimental Station, and there is room for max. 15 guests. Send an email to mail@wunderverk.dk if you would like to come and see what they have been playing with.

Director Line Paulsen, Set designer Katrine Nilsen, performers Anette Asp Christensen, Daniel Norback and Birgitte Prins, and dramaturg Jette Lund

14900441_1268107893211774_6791122873077188693_nThe project is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for Performing Arts and is admitted as an experiment at Forsøgsstationen.