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WunderVerk v/Anette Asp Christensen leads this experimental project, which works with musical paper theatre. The trial will run for 4 weeks between 26 September and 4 November 2016.

The work is based on an adaptation of the Dadaist play par excellence Le Cœur à gaz / The Heart of Gas, written by one of the leading figures of Dada, Tristan Tzara. The aim is to update Le Cœur à gaz, methodically and visually. Inspired by Dada, we work with the principle of chance as a methodological and material-generating approach. Read more about the trial here.

The performers are Birgitte Prins – performer, Daniel Norback – performer, Anette Asp Christensen – performer and puppet maker, Line Paulsen – director and Katrine Nilsen – set designer and puppet maker.