Now’s your chance… Watch or re-watch the full, almost 6 hour long, night performance that played in May/June ’16 at Værløse Air Station:

The Olske Orkester presents the full unedited film of:
“Escape – a night walk with a lost soul”
Friday d. 9 September ´16 at 23 – 6.39 (sunrise)
at Forsøgsstationen, Sønder Boulevard 81, Vesterbro.

Take your sleeping bag under your arm – we’ll throw mattresses and sofas in Boulevarden, offer soup (the famous!) and bread, booze, coffee and breakfast and allow small talk, sleep, dancing etc. during the session. If you want to participate, write to Lotte: lotte(at) and sign up. If you can’t make it on 9 September, here’s a 10 min. trailer from the show, which gives a little insight.

Best regards
Lotte and the Olske Orchestra

ESCAPE trailer – 10 min. from Det Olske Orkester on Vimeo.