NB: screening moved from 24/8 at 13:00 to 26/8 at 10:00.

Shh. Listen to this. Vild Kammerat and AbstraX investigate SOUND PICTURES at the Experimental Station.

We explore aural storytelling on stage.
We turn up the volume on sound.
We explore how the sensory apparatus can be turned on with sound. In light and in darkness.
And we tell a story.
Hopefully all at once.
And in a moment, you can listen in.

We will open the doors to shared listening and reflection for station members on Friday 26 August at 10am in Boulevarden. You are so welcome.
We are looking forward to it!

If you have any questions, write to Ditte at 61 18 78 58.

The project has received development funding from the Danish Arts Foundation.
You can read more about the trial at http://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/trial/audio/