Photo: Lee Robinson

In November 2015 and January-February 2016, Jesper La Cour from The Narrative Theatre has led the experiment “Story Play”, which is about the development of oral narratives as performing arts expressions in a non-competitive context.
It draws on the experience of audiences in different age groups.

There will be an open screening of the experiment on Thursday 25 February from 4-6pm in the Wittmaarck room at the Experimental Station, where it will be possible to experience some of the oral histories developed in the experiment.

Jesper La Cour writes about his attempt:
“An audience with a diverse age range can be a particularly open space in which to develop oral narratives. It is as if an expandedrange of experiences emergeswhen different age groups are represented, which enables common human depths to be connected for the enjoyment and insight of those present in a particularly nuanced way.
The working method is described and explored with examples, games, exercises, tasks and performances.”

The experiment “Story Play” is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for Performing Arts.