On Friday 4 December 2015 from 17-21 there will be a “platform” for those who have held experiments at the Experimental Station in the last six months and the people who participated in their experiments.
Platform is an artistic exchange of experiences in word and practice between experimental projects. It is both an exchange internally in small groups to get to the heart of the individual’s experimental work and subsequently also in a joint plenary to discuss trends and draw larger lines.
The exchange can be done through storytelling and video clips, but it is also possible to present the experimental work in practice – either by showing something or by taking the other participants through an exercise/action.

The evening ends with dinner.

The platform event is primarily dedicated to the experimental actors involved, but interested parties are welcome to register by 02.12.2015 to mail(at)

Below are the trials covered by the Platform.

Experiments autumn 2015 at the Experimental Station:

Øyvind Kirchhoff, Rolf Søborg Hansen, Malte Claudio Lind and Poul Storm/ Main experiment at the Research Station 2015/2016
Über-marionette and the actor” – exploring the relationship between the biological and the artificial body between representation of the dead and the living.

Seimi Nørgård and Boaz Barkan
HOME – building and rebuilding from the known to the unknown. Research on audience involvement and ownership of a work and thus possibilities for meditative presence.

Anna Kruse, Maria Myrgård and Helena Berglund/Kompagni Kalas
Norden Rundt – an experiment on similarities and differences in pedagogical communication and artistic expression.

Mireia Serra and Quim Bigas
Examination of bodily, sensual and poetic dimensions such as connectedness, separation, boundaries and personal integrity in encounters between people.

Angelina Watson, Anja Owe, Birgitte Prins and Dea Fog
“What happens to physical and vocal training in an older body?” Experiments based on the Suzuki method and the Nadine George technique, among others.

Jesper la Cour/ The Narrative Theatre
Story Play – investigating the methodology of creative and innovative tools in the creation of oral narratives as performing arts expressions developed in a non-competitive context.

Nina Kareis, Pete Livingstone and Julie Forchhammer
QUIET – study of a performing introvert form of expression

Nina Kareis, Pete Livingstone and Julie Forchhammer
R.P.G – Random Performance Game – attempt to develop a hands-on game that can be used as a structuring and inspirational tool in a performing arts creation process.

Ellen Kilsgaard, Anu Rajala- Erkut, Birgitte Lundtoft and Rosa Isaldur
DAILY DANCE – a weekly exercise group and physical think tank. Development of sensual dance practice.

Workshop “Pre-expression and stage presence”
Join us for a 7-day workshop entitled “Pre-expression and Stage Presence” on 11-17 January 2016 with instructor Vahid from The Counter Institute (TCI).

Price: 2000 kr.

The workshop “Pre-expression and stage presence” by The Counter Institute (TCI) is an advanced course aimed at developing body and voice – the most basic tools for the performing artist.

The workshop is an introduction to TCI’s approach to training actors and dancers, which draws on Vahid’s study of 20th century theatre reformers such as Stanislavsky, Craig, Grotowski, Boal and the Odin Theatre. It is both the technical aspect of their method as well as their artistic, ethical and cultural visions that connect the legacy of these masters to the work of TCI.

The starting point for this workshop is the idea of pre-expressivity. There is a concept developed by Eugenio Barba via the International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA). Pre-expressivity is a focal point of theatre anthropology, and it involves the study of the performer’s stage behaviour in the organised performance situation. Pre-expressivity explores the common principles of performers’ use of techniques that are common to all genres and styles.

The daily work with pre-expressivity and stage presence involves doing exercises with voice and body, creating a material and action sequences and finally creating montage and improvisation.


All participants should have learned a short text, preferably in their own mother tongue.
Participants are asked to bring comfortable loose-fitting clothing.
The working language is English, but this does not exclude other languages.
The maximum number of participants in the workshop is 14.
Participants must be punctual and attend the entire workshop full-time. Latecomers will not be admitted to the workshop. If you miss a session, you may not be able to continue attending the workshop.
The workshop lasts about 8 hours a day (usually from 09.00 to 18.00) and lasts 90 minutes. lunch break.
If possible, we will open the workshop to a limited number of observers at the end of the workshop. It is not a “presentation”, but rather an opportunity for colleagues to observe TCI’s work and methodology to discuss the process in a Q&A session.

For more information or to apply for the workshop, please visit the website, or send an email to workshops(at)

About the director: Vahid is an award-winning filmmaker and theatre director. He was born in Iran and lived there until 2001, when he went to Denmark to study with Eugenio Barba and the Odin Theatre. Since then, he has lived and worked in Europe, with permanent residence in Copenhagen. During this period, Vahid studied with a number of masters, including Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed), Akira Matsui (Noh), Augusto Omolú (Orixa Dance), Thomas Leabhart (Mime), etc.
Vahid is responsible for artistic, cultural and socially relevant international projects that challenge the status quo, both artistically and in terms of production. He specialises in training artists (actors, performers and dancers) in the method he has been working on since 2006.

Members’ meeting and Christmas lunch

Remember the date, Friday 11 December 2015, when there will be a members’ meeting at the Experimental Station from 16.00-18.00.
To register for the members’ meeting, please send an e-mail to: mail(at)

On the same day, Friday 11 December 2015, a Christmas party will be held from 19.00-02.00 for members, in-house groups, the board and friends of the Experimental Station.

It is a get-together where everyone is invited to bring a delicious dish.
When registering, write what you intend to bring.

The experimental station will provide beer, wine and water – but please bring some extra drinks yourself.

Registration: mail(at)
Deadline for registration is 1 December 2015.

Remember also the upcoming screening:

Livingstone’s Cabinet invites you on Thursday 17 December 2015 at 7pm to an open screening with practical examples on the floor and an artist talk based on the experimental work entitled RPG (Random Performance Game).
RPG is part of a development process that will culminate in a show entitled RANDOM, to be produced in the 2016-17 season.

Opening hours of the Experimental Station between Christmas and New Year:

The administration will close on Friday 18 December 2015 and reopen on Monday 4 January 2016.
We wish all our members and friends of the Experiment Station a happy upcoming holiday season.

Kind regards
Staff at the Experimental Station

Overview of upcoming workshops and day seminars in January-February 2016:

“Intro to Fitzmaurice voicework-workshop” by Rikke Liljenberg
Sunday 10 January 2016, 11.00-15.00.
For info and registration, contact Rikke Liljenberg: rikkeliljenberg(at)
Telephone: 31 46 40 10

“Pre-expression and stage presence” by Vahid from The Counter Institute (TCI)
11-17 January 2016 from 09.00-18.00 in Boulevarden.
For info and registration see, or send an email to workshops(at)

“Voice training workshop” by Nadine George
22 – 27 February 2016
On Saturday 27 February, an open masterclass will be held from 10am to 2pm.
The course is currently fully subscribed, but more information will follow on the open masterclass.

“Drama without drama” – day seminar on current forms of drama
When performing arts texts are not “dramatic” – what are they?
Friday 12 February 2016, 13.00-17.00 at the Experimental Station.
Presentation by TWO-WOMEN-MACHINE-SHOW, LIFE BOAT UNIT (Budapest, Hungary), Professor Knut Ove Arntzen, Institute for Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen and Associate Professor Laura Luise Schultz, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen Amager
Moderator: Mette Garfield, editor of Theatre 1.
Registration: mail(at)

Theory workshop “Formation, action and experience – direction in theatre – choreography in dance”
Knut Ove Arntzen, during his residency at Forsøgsstationen in December 2015 and February 2016, which is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, will give an open theory workshop for all interested people entitled: FORMASION, ACTION AND EXPERIENCE –
It will take place on Monday 15 February 2016 from 16.00-18.00.
Participation is free of charge.
Knut Ove Arntzen is a professor at the University of Bergen, Institute for Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies. He researches recent performing arts forms such as ambient theatre, post-mainstream and recycling aesthetics, and the concepts of gendered and visual dramaturgy.
He works primarily with Nordic performing arts.
Registration: mail(at)