The regular weekly voice lessons by Angelina Watson start up again on Wednesday 2 September 2015 at 09.15-10.45 in the Boulevarden.
Send an SMS to 20150949 at the latest the night before – before 9pm if you are coming.

Working with the voice is an exploration of the actor’s potential.
Each voice is unique, as there is only one of you.
Based on Nadine George’s voice training, Angelina Watson works with breath and focus, as well as exploring the masculine and feminine expressions of the voice.
In forte and piano and everything in between.
Work is being done to find out what it means to vibrate, and vibrate with your audience.
Work is done partly on the piano and partly on texts written by Shakespeare.

The training is aimed at all performers, regardless of level.
You are welcome, even if you are unable to attend classes regularly.
It is free for all members of the Experimental Station.
Teacher: actress Angelina Watson
Classes: every Wednesday 09.15-10.45.