Unfortunately, there will no longer be KI AIKIDO training for members and non-members every Monday and Wednesday at the Experimental Station.

The teacher Poul Hauerbach has moved from Copenhagen and is therefore no longer able to conduct the training.

Poul has written the following greeting to the members of the Experimental Station regarding. that the KI AIKIDO training has ceased.

“I have been VERY happy to be at the Experimental Station in the five years that have passed. I thank everyone for the hospitality and good cooperation I have experienced there. Special thanks to Øyvind, who made it possible to have the training at the Experimental Station. Thanks also to all those who stopped by the training, both the regulars and those who just showed up and participated spontaneously.
I hope the Experimental Station will continue to develop and exist for many, many years to come.
Greetings Poul.”

The artistic management of the experimental station is currently working to find out what can be offered instead of KI AIKIDO training.